A.ban.doned Bli.nd Dog Shows His Love To The Savior!


The blind dog gets excited every time he hears the savior’s voice and doesn’t hesitate to rush toward him for a hug.

How can we make a new friend?
For a puppy, you just have to send your love. The story about an adorable puppy will show us the wonderful loyalty and the special relationship between humans and animals.

The story begins when Arafa was found on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. His situation was extremely horrible. His eyes were [de.str.oyed] completely because of the [in.fec.tion]. Maybe he got an [in.ju.ry] and was not rescued on time. He could only depend on his sense of smell to find food before a kind-hearted person decided to save him.

His name was Ahmed Embaby, a volunteer of Furever Rescue Foster. He saw Arafa on the street and brought him to the shelter. The veterinarian took care of him and provided needed medical treatments.
Unfortunately, Afara’s [in.ju.ry] had been so [ba.d] that he would never see the light anymore.

Arafa [lo.st] his light but it did not matter because Ahmed and the veterinarian at the shelter will be his eyes. For the first time in Afara’s life, he could feel the love of humans and he knew that he could trust them one more time.

Afara is healed now and become very excited. Furthermore, he raised a wonderful relationship with Ahmed. Even though Afara is blind but it cannot prevent him recognize his savior.

Whenever Afara heard Ahmed’s voice, he ran into his arms to feel the love. He [lo.st] his twinkling eyes but he can show his royalty through behavior. After all the accidents, he is safe now at the shelter and hopes for adoption.

Arafa you are a beauty, him he will not for get you they are so loyal

Absolutely wonderful! Happy for the both of you…
Bless you sweetheart and your family! 

Watch the video bellow:

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