A.ban.doned Dog Kisses Her Rescuer After Cr.ying On The Roadside!


God bless you for rescuing this precious Angel

This must have been a ba.d day for the director of the animal rescue group The A.ban.doned ones (TAo), Judy Obregón. Because she has been scouring the neighborhoods of Texas looking for dogs or cats that need rescue, but sa.dly all she finds have pa.ssed aw.ay. She and the rest of the rescue team were [sa.dde.ned] until a miracle happened.

It was an adorable 6-month-old dog, whom Judy found a.ban.doned on the side of the highway. Texas is a place where cruel owners often a.ban.don their pets because of the long and remote highways from where residents live. The same thing happened to this dog, making her sob while standing by the roadside. Judy immediately stopped the car and approached her. Despite her limp, the dog darted into Judy’s arms and placed her meltdown face in this woman’s palm to Judy’s surprise.

It’s a wonderful moment when you save a life and it immediately shows gratitude to you. Once in the car, the adorable dog returned to where she was standing to say goodbye to her past experiences. She then kissed the woman who had rescued her many times, sincerely and emotionally. That made Judy very emotional and pitying this dog.

Judy noticed that there was a tight [ro.pe aro.und] the dog’s [neck] and that was what was [ca.using] her to lim.p. She may have been tied up and struggled to get out. That hu.rt her as a way of self-ha.rm.

Another sa.d thing is, she remained in the same position after freeing herself from the [ro.pe aro.und] her neck. Perhaps she was still hoping and waiting for her master, or maybe it was her master’s prediction who left her there.

The dog, now known as Callie, was examined by a veterinarian and was well cared for. She has left her past behind and cherishes those who rescued her. Callie will certainly be adopted shortly.

Thank you so much for saving and loving this beautiful dog!
May God bless you 

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