A Beagle is saved from euthanasia in a shelter by a man, and the dog can’t contain his gratitude and hugs his rescuer.


Many abandoned dogs wind up in rescue shelters where some are put to sleep if their severe medical conditions are too expensive to treat. But, such a terrible fate does not belong to man’s greatest companions. All of the gorgeous puppies deserve to be adopted and have a loving, responsible owner to care for them in their future home (chew toys are optional). The Beagle Gregory, who was on the verge of being euthanized at an animal shelter, had a happy conclusion to his tale.
Joe Kirk, the cavalry, showed there just in time to save the dog. Gregory, who was grateful, had the sweetest embrace you probably saw all week to give to his hero.

Two days before the Beagle was supposed to be put to sleep, Joe spared it. Co-founders of the nonprofit Hound Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, situated close to Findlay, Ohio, are Joe and his wife, Schenley Hutson-Kirk. It aids stray dogs in finding homes, offers older and “unadoptable” pets a permanent haven, and supports neglected dogs. The main goal of the dog sanctuary is to prevent the extermination of dogs by rescuing them from “high risk and kill shelters.” These lovely folks deserve our admiration.

Gregory is a very grateful and grateful Beagle! He is SURE he is secure. While he is heartworm positive and will need treatment, he is confident that he is in excellent care. He will be made healthy, and we will give him the love and future he so well deserves! A year ago, Schenley provided details in a Facebook post.

At any given moment, we typically house and care for 25 to 30 dogs. Schenley and Joe Kirk told Bored Panda that they had “dogs that are up for adoption as pets as well as sanctuary dogs who will spend out their lives being loved and cared for by us. “We gave Gregory the veterinary attention and heartworm treatment he needed after rescuing him from the Canine Shelter’s death list.

Gregory was adopted into his permanent family after successfully finishing his therapy, the couple continued. He is currently living a very happy life and has a beautiful family who adores him. Another Beagle belongs to Gregory’s household as well, and the two have become close friends.

“We are frequently questioned about how many pets we have saved. We have rescued one more is the response that constantly springs to mind. One more dog is secure and will receive all the adoration and attention they so well deserve. One more dog will be fed appropriately and get the required medical attention. There will be a loving permanent home for one more dog. Nothing in life is more rewarding, and there is no better feeling than that, the pair said.

Gregory only wanted to “cuddle” up to Joe during the vehicle journey, according to her husband, Schenley said in an interview with Today. She said, “He is very loving, very affectionate,” proving beyond a doubt that the Beagle was a really good guy. He enjoys sitting next to you. He enjoys kissing people.

On April 25, 2018, the Franklin County Dog Shelter took in the Beagle, who was then two years old. Gregory’s health issues necessitated the shelter’s decision to put him to death. Thankfully, after saving the Beagle, Joe and Schenley started treating him for heartworms right away.

Foot-long worms that reside in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels are what cause heartworm illness. Weight loss, exhaustion, and a decreased appetite are symptoms of this condition in dogs.

According to Petful, out of the 7.6 million pets that enter animal shelters each year in the United States, a startling 2.7 million are put to death. There are several justifications for euthanizing an animal. such as infectious diseases. or acting too aggressively. The most devastating factor is arguably overpopulation, since some overcrowded shelters put less desirable animals to sleep in order to make room. Then there are regular people like Joe and Schenley who go above and beyond to save every animal they can.

Source : animals.autodailyz.com

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