Adoptable Johnny is the Young Rescue Lab You’ve Been Waiting For


Here’ssssssssssssssssssss Johnny!!!

Greetings, future furever family! I’m a two-year-old neutered black Lab that came to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue in central Arizona from another small rescue. I respond to my fabulous name, Johnny, and will gladly come to you when called. In fact, I’m hoping you do — over and over again. Maybe we can play fetch some time, where I could chase tennis balls, and you would throw them. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

adoptable lab

I’m crate trained and know the commands sit and down so far. If you work with me, I’m sure I could master more in no time at all. We Labs are known for our smarts, ya know. I also love to cuddle with my humans and seek affection by giving my foster a little nudge. They say I’m very sweet and gentle when taking treats and eating. That’s because I have good manners and know better than to be pushy.

I walk pretty well on a leash, too, but I still think of myself as a work in progress because I need ongoing reinforcement/correction when I meet new people and dogs on my walks. I can get over stimulated and bark, so I need a strong leader to help me through that. It’s called being reactive, but I can overcome it. Many other dogs have. Just ask dog behaviorist Cesar Millan!

adoptable black lab

In the meantime, I love, love, love toys, playing fetch, and chasing balls! Did I already mention that? Because of this, I would very much like a home that will be eager to engage in playtime with me regularly. In fact, I dream of it nightly! Maybe it’s because I’m still so young.

I get along with my foster’s two resident Labs and will share “foster mom” time with them. The thing is, I want so badly to have a mom or dad of my very own, even if I have to share them, too. Doesn’t anyone out there want me? I’m holding out hope, but it’s hard.

adoptable black lab

If it sounds like we could possibly be a match, contact DLRR and let’s meet soon to find out! I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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