Amaryllis Was Abandoned in an Empty Apartment but Bloomed After Rescue


Someone abandoned Amaryllis, a one-year-old cat, and another female with ten kittens in an empty apartment south of Chicago. Fortunately, Animal Control found the cats before they all perished. Then, rescuers from Feline Friends Chicago took in Amaryllis, who desperately needed help.

Amaryllis had a “tough first year,” but how she bounced back was remarkable. She had a severe infection that took one of her eyes, and had to recover from surgery.

When rescuers took in Amaryllis, tabby with infected eye, and after surgery

“Because of a severe upper respiratory infection she had when rescued by Animal Control, Amaryllis was blind in her left eye when she arrived at Feline Friends. The eye was causing her pain so the decision was made by an ophthalmologist to remove it,” they shared.

cat after eye surgery wears a cone

After surgery for her eye. Images via Facebook/Feline Friends Chicago

Amaryllis Sees the World a Little Differently

After surgery, the beautiful marbled tabby started doing much better, and her loving and playful purrsonality emerged. Despite being abandoned, she enjoyed nothing more than being snuggly on the couch and with her rescuers.

Cat sleeping next to "chill pill" pillow on white sofa

“Amaryllis sees the world differently now, but she’s still a playful little snuggler. She’s full of energy and love and looking for a human friend to be the apple of her eye.”

Amaryllis with foster care provider cuddled up

In a later post, they said the cat was outgoing and continued seeking human affection and attention. Perhaps because of what she went through, the cat liked to stay nearby the people caring for her.

“She is the opposite of shy. In fact, she very much welcomes human attention and love! She greets everyone the same way- flopping down at your feet and waiting patiently until you are ready to let her curl up on your lap! She also has quite the purr motor, and will show it often loudly and proudly.”

Kitty sleeping on back in cozy covers

“Her main goal is to simply be where you are, and she will follow you around to make sure she’s always close by. She truly is such a sweetheart! Of course, she adores playtime, especially with toys she can chase or pounce on.”

Amaryllis peeks out of a paper bag

Amaryllis Blooms

The photos show that she’s enjoying a life of leisure now and being a happy and elegant companion.

Amaryllis sits next to a house plant, marbled tabby

At the time of this writing, she may still be looking for a furever home. Many other amazing adult cats are seeking a forever home in which to bloom.

Cat sniffing colorful flowers

Those in the Chicago area are encouraged to check out all the wonderful cats looking for homes, like Mike and Will, stunning bonded brothers. The volunteer-based rescue helps numerous cats find homes each month and encourages people to try fostering cats like Amaryllis.

Amaryllis has one eye after surgery

You can learn more on the Feline Friends Chicago InstagramFacebook, or website. 

Amaryllis sprawled out on a bed playfully



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