Assisted Living Residents’ Eyes Light Up With Visits From Foster Kittens


Rescuers in Crystal Lake, IL, are proud and excited about helping a local assisted living and memory care center in nearby Lake Zurich – with kittens! In return, the kittens get valuable socialization skills being loved on by people. Then, it becomes easier to find the kittens’ forever homes. 

The rescuers recently introduced a group of tabby kittens named after Winnie-the-Pooh characters to the Cedar Lake Assisted Living center. Immediately, the residents’ eyes lit from the enriching experience. It’s a win-win that makes purrfect sense, and we love it!

Tabby kittens at Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc., 3

Cute tabby kittens from Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. in Crystal Lake, IL. Images via Facebook/Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

Kittens In the Hundred Acre Wood

The center shared the news when the kittens arrived. Everyone was thrilled to see the furbabies’ arrival.

Tabby kittens at Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

Tabby kittens at Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

“Meet the newest members of the neighborhood: Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. After settling into their new “Hundred Acre Wood,” Winnie leads the way to show the rest of the gang how easy it is to enjoy cuddles.”

Tabby kittens at Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. 2

Below are a few pictures of the residents loving on the furbabies. Look at those big smiles!

Residents of Cedar Lake Assisted Living center with foster kittens from Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc., 2

For residents, seeing a familiar pet and being able to interact in this way brings back so many wonderful memories. It’s a joyful experience that can make everyone’s day so much brighter. Just petting a cat can put people in a better mood that continues for hours or more.

Residents of Cedar Lake Assisted Living center with foster kittens from Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

Look at the love radiating from the picture below!

assisted living center resident with foster kitten in Zurich, Illinois

Kittens Find Forever Homes Too!

Earlier in January, the center announced that two adorable kittens introduced through the program found a home with one of the nurses. But first, they got lots of love from the residents. 

“As a foster, the goal is to find the kittens a forever home. We are excited to announce that Xena & Zorro found their forever home with our nurse Senae, but not before residents got to love on them one more time. Adoption Day was full of happy tears! We cannot wait to see pictures of them living their best life! We are awaiting the arrival of new kittens from Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. to love,” they shared.

Nurses from Cedar Lake Assisted Living center with foster kittens from Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

Assisted Living Residents Assisting Cute Kittens

Even more wonderful, residents up-cycled a sweater to make Xena and Zorro cat beds. Then, they gave the cats the beds as a gift when they went home.

“Who would have known that an old discarded sweater could have a second life? Residents up-cycled this sweater into a comfy cat bed. Xena came over to try it out and get a few extra cuddles. This bed will go with Xena and Zorro to their forever home as a gift from the residents of Cedar Lake.”

Residents of Cedar Lake Assisted Living center make a cat bed for foster kittens from Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc., 2

Pet Therapy at Work

Through a program like this, the kittens will learn to be much more comfortable around people. And whenever animals enter a room, it does miraculous things for people: lowers stress, creates big smiles, improves morale, and you see a gleam in the eye. It also brings out the creativity and inspiration, so essential for enjoying day-to-day life at any age.

The same happens in many workplaces where cats are on the scene. Being kind to cats and all animals just brings out the best in people, and it can’t be overstated. It’s why pet therapy is so effective. As we all know, caring for pets at home is just as therapeutic and healing. 

Cat bed created for foster kitten by residents at Cedar Lake Assisted Living center

Congratulations to Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

Purrect Cat Rescue Inc. is on a roll, celebrating saving 1,500 kitties in just 4 years! Here is Deb, a.k.a. “shelter mommy,” with kitten number #1500.

“Meet Ravyn also known as #1500! One thousand five hundred cats in 4 years… I’m blown away and never imagined doing what we’ve done! I’m so proud…thank you Jim, Di, Chewy, and soooo many other people who have gotten us here! Thank you! I am blessed to be able to do this and help those in need.”

“PAWSOME! 👏🧡” responded Cole & Marmalade.

Deb from Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. in Crystal Lake, IL

If you’re in the Crystal Lake/Chicago area and would like to adopt a cat from the organization, you can check out their website. For more, you can follow along with Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. on Facebook and Instagram.



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