Bonded Brothers Pumpkin and Spice Seek Home for the Pawlidays


Pumpkin and Spice are twin kittens that bonded so tightly they almost become like one “double-headed ginger kitten.” The kitten brothers arrived in foster care at about 5 weeks old but weighed half of what they should have. Both had eye infections and suffered from fleas. So rescuer Chris, 14, and mom Erin from Catastical Meows and Wrenn Rescues Inc had to get to work treating the twins and fattening them up ASAP. 

Kittens named Pumpkin and Spice in the incubator shorting after arriving in foster home with Chris Salie, Catasticalmeows, Wrenn Rescues, Southern CA

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Suffering as they were, Pumpkin and Spice were still playful and funny in the incubator. But to look at their sad state back then, you would never know they would grow into gorgeous pumpkin orange felines.

Tiny kitten with food all over his mouth

“These boys are twins in every way, the slight difference is Pumpkin seems to have some white around his ears and Spice does not.”

Pumpkin and Spice in the incubator

Kittens That Go Together Like Pumpkin and Spice 

As “smol” as they were, Pumpkin and Spice were full of energy and loved toys and playing together. After mastering using the litterbox, they got a playpen to explore. Later they got a relatively giant-sized pumpkin cozy to lounge in. 

ginger kittens in a pumpkin cozy bed

“Pumpkin has not a care in the world when it’s time to play!!”

Double-Headed Ginger Kitten

As the spicy duo continued growing fast, they still looked identical but had different purrsonalities. Wherever they went, they wanted to be together, snuggling, wrestling, and playing parkour off every object in sight.

Before you knew it, the kittens were 13 weeks old, and it was time to find furever homes. By this time, they were inseparable and made a “new and improved massaging weighted blanket” on their foster mom’s neck.

ginger kittens cuddle on foster mom's shoulder

“It fills my heart to know these guys are safe, warm, healthy and have full bellies. They will never feel alone, scared or hungry. To have the love and trust of these 2 and all the others that pass through our doors is beyond words,” she said.

ginger kittens cuddle on foster mom's shoulder, 2

In late November, the big day finally came for the kittens to be neutered. They acted like nothing had happened and were as playful as ever immediately after. But when they finally slowed down, they took on a familiar look snuggling together.

Spice and Pumpkin sitting together

“Once again, we see the elusive double-headed ginger kitten. You should see them in their natural environment…YOUR HOME!!

Spice and Pumpkin sitting together

“Pumpkin and Spice and hoping to get to their natural environment (aka their forever home) for the holidays!”

Spice and Pumpkin, ginger kittens sitting together like they are a 2-headed cat

Pumpkin and Spice for the Pawlidays

This year, Pumpkin and Spice have only one thing they want for the pawlidays: a home together. At the time of this writing, they are still waiting for their dream to come true in Southern California.

“Dear Santa Paws, My brother, Spice, and I have been good all year, well since we were born in August anyway, and we would like to have a forever home for the pawlidays! If you could send us our very own family we would appreciate it! Love, Pumpkin.”

santa hat on ginger cat

“Two is always better that one! 😻 You can’t have Pumpkin without some Spice. These two brothers are such sweethearts and looking for their forever home ❤️ Adoptions have been incredibly slow the last few months and sadly when we can’t find homes we can’t help more that need rescue 💔 Please help us spread the word to find forever homes, we have so many incredible cats,” shared Wrenn Rescues.

Spice and Pumpkin, ginger kittens sitting together like they are a 2-headed cat

We previously shared the story of another “2-headed ginger kitten” brothers saved by these rescuers at barely a week old, Mac and Cheese. Shortly after the two panleukopenia survivors found a furever home, Pumpkin and Spice arrived. Now, it’s their turn!

Mac and Cheese, ginger kittens with 2 heads, Wrenn Rescues

Mac and Cheese

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