Cat Can’t Help But To Try To Sneak A Snack Out Of The Refridgerator


This absolutely adorable and sneaky cat is testing his luck. When the owners aren’t looking, he knows exactly what he wants and there is no stopping him.

Carrot, a cute orange cat, can’t help but sneak a peek to see what is hidden behind the giant human food “machine”. He wonders what all the hype is about and he now understands why humans have been spending a lot of time just staring at the fridge. Filled with an array of delicacies, the fridge holds just about everything a cat could imagine heaven to be.

This paw belongs to Carrot. A curious cat that seems to love human food well, just as much as humans do. Seen with his paw in between the fridge crack, he can’t help but try to reach for some of his favorite human foods. However, he was caught “red-pawed” as his owners noticed the paw trying to grasp the goods.

Carrot is obsessed with getting a quick bite in and is not very good at hiding it. We love his effort but there is no way that he is getting his paws on any of his owner’s food. Even though, he makes an adorable case for it. Here he is waiting in the crack of the fridge for his next opportunity.

He looks cute and all but we can’t help but notice the guilt that lies all over his face.

We appreciate Carrott’s effort in trying to get the best bite. However, this food is going to the humans for now on buddy!


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