Cole Furever: Fans’ Heartwarming Stories of Adopting Black Cats Because of Cole


As our followers know, Cole & Marmalade said farewell to Cole on October 10, 2021. We want you to know his passing was peaceful after putting up a brave fight against cancer. More will be shared from Cole’s family in the coming days as they grieve the loss of a cat who remains an international internet star and very much changed the world in nine all-too-short years.

To our fans, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the overwhelming love and support you continue to show us. Now, Cole’s impact and legacy will continue in our efforts to encourage cat rescues, TNR programs, and adoptions, particularly for black cats like Cole. 

“This is the reason we started it all,” says Jessica Josephs of the many adoptions Cole inspired over the years.

We know Cole’s life and memory will continue to help combat the harmful, false, and illogical superstitions about black cats.  

Although we said goodbye too soon, Cole’s story shows without a doubt that black cats bring LUCK. And, the best part is the luck he will continue to bring to other black cats each day going forward from now. Thanks to Cole’s life story, a black cat long overlooked in a shelter may find the loving forever home they deserve. 

From there, the love grows exponentially, and really what legacy could be better than that? Cole was a rescued cat who will continue to rescue other cats and bring love and light to people into the foreseeable future. It’s amazing and humbling to think about.

🐈‍⬛ 🖤 Cole Inspired So Many People to Adopt and Care for Cats 🖤🐈‍⬛ 

On our Facebook page, Cole’s dad Chris Poole asked, “How many people adopted a black kitty because of Cole?” The immediate responses from thousands of people have been so touching, moving us to a “happy cry” as we poured over them. 

Thank you for sharing how much Cole meant to you and these beautiful fur babies who are now giving and receiving love each day as a result! 

Heartwarming Comments from Our Amazing Followers

Below, we share just a sample of the thousands of comments from all over the world that we received. Thank you, thank you, thank you for each comment, and to see them all, please check out the Facebook post here. 

Miranda Trombly shared:

“Cole is the reason I learned black cats were the least adopted at shelters. I ran out and adopted this adorable little panther, Kirk; who was returned to the shelter twice before I adopted him! He has been living his best life since. So sorry for your loss. Cole was an amazing ambassador for Black Cats around the world. He will be greatly missed by all.”

Cole tribute, Miranda Trombly

Jenny Grist wrote:

“We did! Hemsworth is a rescue from the local RSPCA and we love him to bits!! Cole was our inspurration to adopt a cat again because he was so sweet in all the the pics. He was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.”

Cole tribute, Jenny Grist

Vicky Robert shared:

“I did, She’s 100% daddy’s girl now.”

Cole tribute, Vicky Robert

Lots of Cole and Marmalade Lookalikes!

Emily Wayland shared: 

“[Cole] advocating for black cats and the poor adoption rate definitely influenced my desire to adopt one. We finally did in August. Her name is Umbra.

We have a ginger girl, too!”


Jennifer Gauldin wrote:

“We did! Got this little guy, and we even named him after Cole!”

Jennifer Gauldin's cat

Luke Henrys wrote:

“Our decision to rescue two semi-feral black cats was definitely inspired by Cole.” 

Luke Henrys, Cole tribute

Hannah Marie Edwards shared:

“Yes! Rescue boy Sooty, at 12 years old. He’s now nearly 19! Thank you xx”

Sooty, Cole tribute

The Stories Keep Coming

Emmi Davis shared:

“It was because of Cole that we knew that black cats had the hardest time being adopted, so when we walked into the RSPCA and saw Alf there with only one eye, we weren’t surprised he was a long stay. He came home with us that very same day!”

Alf, tribute to Cole

Paula Puntillo shared her Cole & Marmalade lookalikes: 

“This is our once upon a time feral who looks just like Cole and is the same age. He adopted us! He also has a ginger brother named Petey. Fly high sweet Cole.”

Paula Puntillo

Linzee Lutton shared:

“I love being owned by my little black panther.”

Black panther

Elisha Sackett Freeman shared: 

“I loved black cats (all cats) for a long time but it had been over 10 years since I had a cat and after seeing your precious Cole I knew a beautiful cat is what was missing in my life and 4 years ago I rescued my gorgeous black cat Skippy,” as well as two other rescues.


Vanessa Delsaux shared: 

“Rescued him few days before Halloween five years ago. He [chose] our home and is the [most] thankful cat I have ever seen. Always behind the door when I come home, and he comes when called. He could be a dog.”

Vanessa Delsaux cat

Barbara Waibel wrote:

“Dodger & Jett, my own Cole & Marmalade, miss you, Cole.” 

Barbara Waibel

Georgia Brust wrote:

“Me!! This is Chewie. She is five. I’m very sorry for your loss! Cole & Marmalade have been a pleasure to follow all these years!”

Chewie the cat

Finally, Alexa Farley wrote:

“I started fostering and volunteering in the orphaned kitten nursery because of Cole and Marm and all that you do. I want a black cat, but we already have six and my hubby says I’m at my limit. Every time we have a black foster kitten, I think of Cole and always will.”

Cole and Marmalade Furever

After reading through the comments, we are AMAZED at how many people took inspiration from Cole to save a black cat and other cats in general. Even better, he helped inspire people to foster kittens and volunteer at shelters. And, we love seeing how much our fans adore their “little black panthers” and other feline companions.

Many of you shared the story of losing your beloved cat. As you know, the loss is as deep as for any loved one, and mending one’s heart takes time. For us, your comments, love, and support have helped beyond measure. Likewise, the Cole and Marmalade community will continue to offer support and love to our followers in their times of grief.

Cole has passed over the rainbow bridge, but he’s with us furever. 🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤

Featured image: Cole with Rainbow by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay, Pixabay License 


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