Dog Follows The Kids To School, Mom Receives Photo Of Him In Principal’s Office


Karen Manthey’s family has had Sandy the Labradoodle since he was just a pup, and he’s always been very close to them. The dog always wants to know what everyone is doing and will follow his family members around. Sandy even tries to follow the kids to school every day, but they normally stop him and take him back home before he gets too far. But one day…

Karen Manthey

The family was a little more distracted than usual, and the sneaky dog managed to get out of the house and follow the kids all the way to school. Sandy ended up in the principal’s office, and a staff member took his picture to send to Karen. Her phone was off, so they allowed one of the kids to walk him back home since they live so close.

Karen Manthey

“I know not every labradoodle is yours, but is this your dog?” the text message read. Karen felt so bad about the situation that she went down to the school to apologize. Sandy on the other hand seemed to show no remorse for his actions! 

Karen Manthey

The school staff had a good laugh about the whole thing, and the dog was pretty pleased with himself. So in the end, no harm no foul! The family will just have to take extra precautions in the future in order to make sure Sandy doesn’t end up in the principal’s office again! 

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