Dog melts hearts ‘thanking’ cop who saved him from burning car


It was a relief when the deputy said, “Dog’s out. Nothing else is in.”

Pet owners will certainly go to whatever lengths to ensure the welfare of their fur babies.

This dog owner didn’t think twice about doing this when he and his dog were in danger in the middle of the road.

His SUV was burning, and what was worse is his fur baby was trapped inside.

“That’s the most terrifying experience I’ve had to date,” he said.

He was not lying when he said that. Hank, his furry friend, could die at any moment while inside the burning car. According to him, he thought that he would just hopelessly watch the vehicle burn.

Thankfully, Deputy Michael Gregorek reached out to help him as fast as he could.

Every second was crucial.

That’s why the officer rushed to the car and unhesitatingly began to look for Hank inside.

He then broke one of the car’s window glasses and used his security flashlight to look for the poor dog.

Michael had trouble locating Hank at first.

But they didn’t lose hope. Michael then broke the rear glass window. Soon after that, the dog owner immediately tried to save Hank, who was drooling because of smoke inhalation.

Unfortunately, he had a hard time doing so because of the smoke.

Officer Michael didn’t waste time and quickly took over.

It didn’t take him long before he was able to pull Hank out of the car. The poor dog was finally saved from the fire and the suffocating smoke.

The police then tossed Hank into the snow and freed him from danger.

“Dog’s out. Nothing else is in.”

Everyone was really relieved when he stated this, including the dog owner. The latter couldn’t be more thankful that his dear fur baby was safe.

A few seconds after saving Hank, it can be heard that the deputy was coughing because of being exposed to smoke when he was trying to get the dog out of the car.

Officer Michael’s courageous act captured many hearts.

The video that was posted on Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page has gone viral, with half a million views, as of this writing.

Many people likewise expressed their admiration for Michael.

One commenter thinks that the deputy deserves an award for saving Hank.

“This amazing deputy valued this precious dog’s life as much as any human being! He needs to be given an award for his courage and humanity! I know the owner and Hank are forever indebted to this brave officer! Thank you for saving his life!”

Another Facebook user shared how the video of Michael’s heroic act made him emotional.

“Oh this made me tear up. You didn’t just save a dog you saved the owner’s heart. Nice job officer.”

A grateful kiss from Hank.

Aside from the dog owner, the dog that was rescued was also able to convey his gratitude to the deputy.

He did so by giving him sweet kisses.

Kindness can save lives.

Not everyone is willing to risk their lives in order to save a life, just like what Michael did. Aside from doing his duties as an officer, his kindness surely made him go above and beyond to save Hank.

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