Double Trouble Tuxedo Kittens Fit in the Palm of Foster Mom’s Hand


It was “double trouble” when foster mom Jennifer took in two sporty tuxedo brothers, Ross and Mackey, from the IndyHumane in Indianapolis. The two little bonded brothers got sports-related Purdue University names. Mackey is for the basketball arena, and Ross is for the Ross-Ade football stadium. As it turned out, they were rough and tumble little athletes!

When the 5-week olds arrived, it was her favorite time when college football and basketball seasons overlapped for a few glorious weeks. But the 45-minute drive home was far from glamorous, as they were both yowling, stinky, and sick to their stomachs.

We’ll leave it at that, but suffice to say getting home and getting the two rowdy boys and the car cleaned was a great relief. By the next day, a change to Royal Canin Kitten seemed to help calm their tummies. Both were already good sports, sweet little guys, so all they needed was a few weeks of TLC and socializing before they would be neutered and ready for adoption.

Sweet teenage kittens like these are ideal for those who want to try their hand at fostering. And, as Jennifer showed, they fit in the palm of your hand. But, as with any baby, it does get really messy sometimes.

Ross and Mackey, tuxedo kittens, Indianapolis

Images and media via Instagram/newkittensontheblock

Ross and Mackey Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

These lil’ sports look almost identical but have a few differences in their team jerseys. Plus, Mackey has some black toe beans, while Ross’s are all pink.

“Ross has a thicker stripe of white above his nose and a lot more black under his chin. His left front paw and leg are white, while just his paw on the right front leg is white. Mackey’s front paws and legs are just the opposite! Ross is a total lap kitty already. Such a sweet little guy! 🥰”

5-week-old foster brother kittens, New Kittens on the Block!

Although the pictures make them look bigger, Jennifer showed them in her hand. As you can see, even 5-week-old kittens are tiny.

“They look bigger in pictures than they actually are. In fact, they can fit in the palm of your hand. 🥺”

Ross the foster tuxedo kitten sitting on mom's hand

As you can see, Ross is a handful, but nothing Jennifer couldn’t handle.

Ross the kitten fits in the palm of foster mom's hand

Time to Meet Papa Bear and Bodie

Pretty soon, the two adventurous and energetic brothers were reaching new heights and getting hard to contain. They would soon be exploring the larger foster room and meeting their new foster papas.

“Forget the toys, Ross would rather have the box! 🤪📦”

Now, they were rowdy and needed to learn their manners and how to cat. So it would be time to meet the resident foster cats, Bodie and Bear. The gentle resident cats help raise the foster babies. Previously, we’ve shared how the older kitties help socialize even the wild spicy kittens that can be tough nuts to crack.

It took little time for the kittens to warm up to Papa Bear and Bodie. Below, Mackey seems to look up to his Papa Bear a lot.

Papa Bear cat with foster kitten, Ross and Mackey

Papa Bear with Mackey

The boys had a great time together, but by now, Mackey and Ross were big boys ready to start new lives at IndyHumane.

“Boys will be boys. 💙”

Papa Bear and Bodie with the foster kittens, New Kittens on the Block, Indianapolis, Indiana

Bodie with Mackey and Bear with Ross

Team Ross and Mackey Forever

Before they headed out to new adventures, Papa Bear gave them a loving farewell. 

Now Mackey and Ross have found a forever home and will always be together! Thanks to Jennifer and their adorable papas, they’re ready to let the games begin with a new family. 

“The paw on his shoulder. 🥹”

Tuxedo kittens on a cat tree

“I’m so happy they get to stay together forever as brothers and best friends. Congrats, sweet boys! 🐾🏠,” she said.

Ross and Mackey, New Kittens on the Block, Indianapolis, IndyHumane

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