Germαn Sheρherd Ρupρy Meets Мoм Cαt wιтн ɴewвorɴ Kittens ғor tһе First Тιмe (Vιdeo)


Video at the bottom of the article

Audience comments for the video:

Sora and Shiro AMVs: The fact the cat lets the dog get that close to both her and her kittens is proof of the trust she has with the shepherd.Such a good relationship.

Nessa La NiñaTravieza Garcia: The way allows the doggy to come close to them is a good sign and the way she lays there very confident that he won’t hurt them is absolutely precious

OrganicGreenPeace: I love how the puppy gives momma kitty a kiss before proceeding when she curls upside down, so cute

Watch the video here:


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