House Depot Has Officially Hired Its Cutest Staff Ever!


This pup not only found a wonderful home, but she also got a job!

Congratulations to the dog  on his new job, We’re delighted for him it’s great for him!
Heaven is a sweet little girl who was rescued from a Kentucky shelter. Because she has never been treated well by others, she is initially afraid of new places and sounds.

Heaven was adopted by Jackie Rackers, and she was taken to House Depot to boost her confidence. They would go for 5 minutes and she would get all of the treats. Then they started going for longer and longer periods, exposing her to increasingly issues within the retailer.

With everyone’s help, the little girl quickly overcame her [] and found happiness again!

Heaven also received her own apron as a gift. She became aware as the Rakers approached her with aprons, and when the apron was placed on her, she burst into tears. She walks around as if she’s the ruler of the realm!

Heaven has the ability to make people laugh or smile; she truly has a kind heart!

Rakers speculated that Heaven may have wanted to reassure others because she was But, after much practice and perseverance, she has learned to believe and is now it to others!

Heaven’s title is now well known, thanks to her lovely apron, and her image is prominently displayed in the workers’ break room. She even got a position at a re.tailer.

Heaven represents what happens when you meet someone who fits right in and loves you unconditionally. She has overcome her [ and de.pre.ssion] to become the happiest dog ever!

What a wonderful story! She looks so cute in her little uniform!

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