Labrador’s Excitement Over His Favorite ‘UPS’ Driver Is Just Precious


Nobody can love your dog as much as you do. It might be your partner, best friend, or even a few of your relatives. But what is melting our hearts is the adorably sweet bond between a dog and a UPS delivery guy. They care about one another.

Recently, a TikTok video of Steve wishing his favorite person a happy birthday went viral. The following video was shared on TikTok by user @Stevetheyellowlab, and it will make your heart melt.

@stevetheyellowlab #stevetheyellowlab ADORES his bestie Steve the #ups driver ♥️ #upsdogs #yellowlab #cutedog #milkbone #hedgie #dogtoy #labrabdor ♬ One Fine Day – Chiffons



Although the wonderful friendship between these two Steves is simply too precious, we are all aware of how much UPS appreciates its drivers who are kind to animals on their route. @Hummingbird797 writes, “I could not keep this job. I would love every pup I saw.” We especially adore how Steve wants to show UPS Steve his toy, as stated by @Livininthepnw, who also says, “That tail is working overtime!!! Love it!!!” “Our UPS driver was that way with our Chocolate Lab. She would even get in the truck and have a sniff around while he delivered,” writes @TaraSummer587, who also had a wonderful UPS delivery person.

Seeing a delivery driver take the time to welcome his biggest fan is too nice because they work so hard, especially around the holidays. What a great team these two make!


Source: Pet Helpful



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