Many mourn the ‘hero’ dog that was crushed to death by rubble after saving 2 lives in the earthquake in Turkey


ISTANBUL, TURKEY: Last week two major earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria killing thousands of people. Several rescue teams were flown from across the world to the quake-ravaged countries to save people buried under the rubble. A brave rescue dog named Proteo was crushed to death on February 12, Sunday, while trying to save lives. Many heartbroken netizens shared the brave dog’s photos on social media and mourned his death.

As hope dwindles when it comes to finding more survivors in the rubble, the combined death toll in Turkey and Syria has now reached above 37,000, as of Monday, February 13. As per Bloomberght, the earthquake caused damage estimated at $84.1 billion, making the two-country disaster the fourth costliest earthquake on record.

Proteo was flown in from Mexico

Proteo, a Belgian Shepherd dog trained as a rescue dog, was flown in from Mexico to help rescuers locate survivors buried in the debris. While Proteo was searching for children with the team, he lost his life after being “crushed by rubble,” as per The Sun. He was one of 16 Mexican search and rescue dogs who were sent to Turkey for the rescue operation. Proteo was trying to save two survivors before losing his own, according to a tweet by Clash Report.

In a statement released on February 12, the Secretariat of National Defense of Mexico (SEDENA) paid tribute to Proteo saying, “The members of the Mexican Army and Air Force deeply regret the loss of our great companion the dog: Proteo. You fulfilled your mission as a member of the Mexican Delegation in the Search and Rescue of our brothers in Turkey. Thank you for your heroic work.”

Netizens mourns ‘hero’ Proteo’s death

Sharing a collage of Proteo’s pictures, one netizen said, “Dear Mexico Thank you for your support to Turkey during this disaster. Your rescue team saved many lives. Sadly, one of your heroes lost his life while helping us. You couldn’t be prouder. He is our hero and legend. We will honour its memory forever #Proteo #MexicanK9 #earthquake.” Sharing Proteo’s last pictures, one wrote, “Proteo, the rescue dog of the search and rescue team from Mexico, died as a result of the collapse of the wreckage. Thank you so much Proteo for the great work you do. We never forget you. Rest in peace.”

Sharing a poster-like photo of the brave dog, a Twitter user wrote, “After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the earthquake, the dog named Proteo, who worked with the team that Mexico sent to Turkey, was left under the rubble of the building that collapsed on him while he was searching.” Another tweet read, “The earthquake in Turkey took more than just buildings and homes, it took a hero. #Proteo, a Mexican search and rescue dog, gave his life for others. He didn’t think twice about risking everything to save those trapped beneath the rubble.”

Wildlife protection and animal welfare campaigner Nicole Hill also shared a picture of Proteo and wrote, “Proteo flew from Mexico to help rescue Turkish earthquake victims and worked tirelessly for days. Sadly he lost his life today after being trapped under a falling building. Rest in Peace beautiful boy.” Replying to the tweet, one wrote, “Heartbreaking. RIP Proteo, you were who a hero died saving others. Run free beautiful boy.”

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