Meet Cinnamon, The Dog Had Ears Like The Hairstyle 80 Years Ago




Last week, Jen Deane heard about a pack of dogs in an {a.ccident}, {a.bandoned} by their parents and found in the park. Immediately after receiving the news, She quickly took the 5-week-old dogs to the veterinarian.



All puppies have brown fur, the most special of which is a dog with strange ears, it looks like a waffle.



Some Facebookers commented:

” This puppy dog is gorgeous and has a very cute face and ears “

So so sweet 
 love that they are all in loving homes 

Cinnamon is Absolutely Adorable 

Also, because of the ear, Deane named her “Cinnamon.” According to the medical center where “Cinnamon” was cared for, “we’ve never seen anything like her ears.” This strange feature makes it unique and adorable.



People give her a lot of love when her picture is shared on Facebook.

They claim that Cinnamon’s ears look like “victory rolls,” a very hot western hairstyle in the 1940s.


” Oh my goodness lil munchkin looking sweet baby so precious  , I love those spectacular ears ” – a Facebooker commented.



Hundreds of thousands of people have liked and commented on she’s photo. Her popularity has brought more money to support the animal shelter where she lives, providing a better quality of life for the animals here.

” Because of the viral photo, more people became interested in adopting Cinnamon and the other puppies. “



She has now been adopted and with three other dogs. Hopefully, she will always be happy and warm in the new home.



” Hello I think that Cinnamon just loves to be cuddled and loved and treated with very special food to show her that she is really loved and a very special addition to the family have a great life Cinnamon ” – a Facebooker commented.


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