Pеоρlе were indifferent to tһе cαɴcer dσg seeking һеlρ wιтн α large bеllу (Vιdeo)


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Audience comments for the video:

Trinh Nguyen: This broke my heart…. Thanks a million for helping this poor little baby…😢 I never knew dogs can have breast cancer. This is sooo sad.😢😢😢 Whoever abandoned her is so evil. Thanks again for saving her and giving her a new life.

Maria Isabel Rubio Duran: Salvar a un animal no cambiará el mundo, pero cambiará el mundo de ese animal.

Irena Irenka: Well done, well done for saving the dog 🐹 thank you to the whole wonderful team, you are angels on earth ❤️👍🤍👍 greetings to you from Poland 🌸

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