Philly Rescuer’s Harrowing Nighttime Rescue of Tightrope-Walking Cat


Philly’s own Cowboy Cat Wrangler, Bob Lynch, took part in the harrowing emergency rescue of a cat stuck on power lines for two days. We’ll call this kitty the “Tightrope Cat” because they certainly had acrobatic skills to stay balanced on that wire that long!

Unfortunately, even as an acrobat, Tightrope Cat couldn’t get down in the cold, heavy wind and rain. Somehow, the cat inched out on the line and got stuck 30 feet up in the air beside some apartment buildings.

Worse, nobody was coming to the rescue of the kitty, who could go up but hadn’t mastered coming back down. So, as Lynch said, “when the call comes in, we saddle up!” 

Tightrope Cat

Images and media via Instagram/cowboycatwrangler

Warning: Do NOT attempt this at home!

Keep in mind, this rescue involved dangerous power lines, and we would not recommend attempting this at home. It’s best to get the professionals involved with this kind of rescue, but the response is often to give the cat time to get down on its own. In this case, the cat’s life was in danger, and the pro-rescuer teamed up with other concerned citizens.

Tightrope Cat was balanced on the wire above the area of a feral cat colony. However, there was no ear-tip that would suggest the cat had been caught before through TNR (trap, neuter, return) efforts. Possibly, it got close to the colony and then made a hasty retreat.

While the rescuers planned what to do, it got dark and wet outside, further complicating things. 00⁰00q

Concerned Citizens Come to Save Tightrope Cat

Fortunately, a local auto shop shared their metal ladder. Then, two kind people went to get an extension pole. After Lynch climbed the ladder, a group held open a tarp underneath in case Tightrope Cat decided to leap. We’ve seen cats jump from incredible heights while rescuers on the ground catch them, so having the makeshift safety net below was essential.

Cowboy Cat Wrangler of Philly saving Tightrope Cat by guiding it along

Now is where the rescue got pretty scary. The Cowboy nudged the cat gently along with the pole, putting himself at considerable risk. (Again: Never try this at home!!) At one point, the cat got near a transformer which could have easily been lethal. The rescuer knew it would be too dangerous to go anywhere near the electricity, but would the cat?

A Happy Ending for Cowboy and Tightrope Cat

Thank goodness for everyone that the cat decided to head for the trees instead!

Nighttime rescue of Tightrope Cat, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After more coaxing and booping, the cat made it to the tree branches. It seemed this kitty was ready to get back on the ground because they quickly climbed down from there. The crowd was concerned the cat might try and get back on the wire again, but that didn’t happen.

They cheered for the kitty, who promptly slinked away unharmed. It had a happy ending for everyone!

“[Through] teamwork and quick thinking, we successfully saved the cat.”

Tightrope Cat comes down to the trees

Cowboy had to bandage his hand but said the battle scars were well worth it.

Cowboy Cat Wrangler’s Over 87 Cats

For over a decade, Bob Lynch has cared for feral cat colonies. Recently, there were about 87, and he’s gotten to know their unique and funny purrsonalities. He practices TNR (trap, neuter, return), which is essential in keeping down the pet population everywhere.

“Colony Cat Feeding Time! Here they come. Just a few of the 87 Cats I feed every night & the Relationship I have with them = Time, Trust & Patience.”

As we’ve shared before, the Cowboy has encountered many critters like skunks, opossums, and raccoons. He loves them all and has come to their rescue too.

You can follow the Cowboy Cat Wrangler on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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