Pitiful baby cat cries while enjoying the first meal at her new home after being rescued


Little kitten Yasik as a calico cat that has been rescued from the streets by butler at YORI MEOW.

These good people took her to their home and cared for the poor kitten. Out of her incredible hunger, she meowed loudly for food. Because they didn’t have milk powder at home, they started giving her a liquid treat. She gulped it down as if it would be the last food she would eat in her life. After finishing her meal, her voice became very cute. She started showing how safe and comfortable she felt at her new home.

© Source: YORI MEOW

Since she was so tiny, everyone thought she was only a few weeks old. But later they found out in the hospital, that she was already two months old. Because of this reason, she was already big enough to eat hard food, and also to eat it alone by herself. When she then got her first real cat meal since she was born, she started crying. She really loved that yummy meal and couldn’t stop eating.

© Source: YORI MEOW

Kuku is an already grown-up kitty that already lives in the same house for a long time. When she got to know Yasik, she acted like a strong cat, but in face she is a very cute and loving cat. But sometimes cats need time to get used to the fact that there is now a new family member in the house who eats the same food. We truly hope that they will soon be besties.

© Screenshot: YORI MEOW


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