Rescued Kitten Sisters, Lilo and Nani Go from Shelter to Paradise


Here’s a wonderful update on Lilo and Nani, two rescued sister kittens formerly called Clock and Hickory. The silver tabby kittens and their pretty Mother Goose survived thanks to rescuers Jen the Kitten Agent and Wrenn Rescues in southern California.

Mother Goose and her litter wound up in a shelter and were malnourished and sickly. But thanks to the rescuers, they survived, and Clock and Hickory found a home together. That’s when they became Lilo and Nani, the “Ohana Kittens” named for the sisters in the movie Lilo and Stitch. 

“Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind,” is a quote from the movie. 

The runt of the litter, Clock with her oversized ears and eyes made everyone fall in love with her.

“Look at those little doe eyes 😍”

Lilo the kitten on a big white bed

Below, she looked like “a mood” that Jen suspected would inspire lots of funny memes. So what happened to this curious kitten and her sister?

Clock the kitten later named Lilo Clock

Clock the kitten later named Lilo Clock. This was shortly after arriving from the shelter.

Images via Instagram/jenfosterkittens

Lilo and Nani, the Ohana Kittens

As it turned out, Lilo and Nani went from the shelter to paradise, living with a couple who love cats and all things Tiki. They have everything they could ever want, including 10 beds to snuggle in anywhere they like.

Here’s one example of the fabulous Tikis below:

Tiki cat from Tikiland Trading Co.

Tiki cat from Tikiland Trading Co.

Their new mom had been heartbroken about losing her 19-year-old rescued cat Willow, but six months later, she saw Clock on Instagram and fell in love. Now they have lots of nicknames, like Nani Hickory Honey Ham after another favorite movie, “Christmas with the Kranks.”

Images and media via Instagram/ohanakittens

Cuddling In the New Year

Here’s Lilo and Nani celebrating their first New Year. As you can see, they are closer than ever, and Lilo still has those amazing cartoonish golden eyes and oversized ears, “criminally cute,” as her mama put it. 

The two sisters still love being big spoon and little spoon, cuddling together.

“Happy New Year from these snuggle babies!”

Lilo and Nani cuddling on colorful blankets, Ohana Kittens

Lilo also enjoys snuggling up with her mama, getting as cozy as possible. 

“I feel so lucky to have these girls in my life,” she said.

Lilo looking silly, Ohana Kittens

Nani loves to get very comfortable too.

“Nani is feeling right at home these days.”

Nani sprawling out on mama's legs, Ohana Kittens

These two like striking funny poses in all kinds of places.

Lilo and Nani, Lilo laying in a strange pose

Here are the Ohana Kittens  holding hands in “their twin-shoebox-beds.” Can you even?

Lilo Clock and Nani Hickory

We’re happy to see that Lilo still looks like a meme waiting to happen.

“Oh mother, I yearn for just one morsel of your lovely smelling popcorn.”

Lilo Clock wanting popcorn

Although Lilo is a lot bigger now, she has remained as unique as ever, and her spotted belly is still irresistible for belly rubs. 

Meanwhile, Lilo and Nani’s siblings and Mother Goose were all finally adopted, shared Kitten Agent Jen.

“This girl is the best and deserves all the love and snuggles! Her new name is Molly and she will be cherished like the perfect queen she is! Love you mama! Have a wonderful life!”

Mother Goose

Mother Goose

For more, you can follow the Ohana Kittens, Lilo and Nani on Instagram, Jen the Kitten Agent and Wrenn Rescues.


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