Rescued ‘Seamus T Cat’ Gets Highest Praise for King of Pop Dance Moves


The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was known for his love of all animals. So he would no doubt be a fan of seeing a cat parody his song, “Smooth Criminal.” The 1988 song from the album Bad became a nine-minute music video.

The late icon’s social media shared a video of Seamus T Cat, the rescued Scottish Fold cat performing the song in perfect time, and had high praise for Seamus. 

Thank you @michaeljackson 😺

— Seamus T Cat (@SeamusTCat) October 14, 2022

The King of Pop and a Rescued Kitty

It was purrfect to see Michael Jackson’s socials celebrating a cat parodying one of his songs. The cat lip-syncs some of Jackson’s trademark percussive grunts and even does the Moonwalk.

“This could be one of the most original dance videos ever set to a Michael Jackson song on Instagram. Seamus T Cat, aka [Seamus the Scottish Fold] on IG, performs his feline dance routine to “Smooth Criminal.”

“How bout dat moonwalk y’all?”

Images and media via Instagram/seamus_the_scottish_fold

Seamus has also been viral in a TikTok set to Freddy Mercury, Guns N’ Roses, and The Cure.

See! I CAN be sweet. #CatsOfTwitter #CatsOnTwitter #cats #TheCure

— Seamus T Cat (@SeamusTCat) January 5, 2023

Seamus Was Rescued from Kuwait

On November 7, 2022, Seamus celebrated his Gotcha Day, adopted by his hooomans after being flown from Kuwait over four years ago. 

Since then, the charismatic cat’s family has been surprised to see how Seamus has risen to stardom on social media. But seeing the King of Pop’s socials sharing his video must have been the biggest surprise of all!

“Many people have said how just watching Seamus has helped them get through a rough day or difficult periods in their lives,” Seamus’s dad Mike told Newsweek. 

“I had no idea how much he would connect and how much he would mean to so many people.”

You can follow Seamus T Cat on Instagram and TikTok to see more of his hilarious antics and dance moves.

The King of Pop and Animals

Jackson’s life with cats is a complex one. He loved cats since he was a child, and they were seen in his videos, including Billie Jean and Black or White (a panther). 

Young Michael Jackson holds a kitten

Image via via BuzzFeed

Attitudes About Big Cats in the 80s

He famously posed with a tiger cub during his Thriller days, but we would strongly discourage such behavior with all big cats. It was the 80s, and public awareness about the treatment of such cubs wasn’t like today. 

Michael Jackson, King of Pop, Thriller, holding a tiger cub

Image via

Keeping Wild Animals as ‘Pets’ – a Bad Idea

Accounts of the wild animals Jackson kept at his private zoo varied. A federal inspection by the USDA of Neverland Ranch’s animals in 2006 found no violations soon after his acquittal on charges of abusing children. But years later, there were more allegations of animal abuse at the private zoo at the Neverland Ranch.

It’s another example it’s a Bad idea to keep dangerous wild animals as pets (excuse the pun).

Actress Tippi Hedren adopted two of Jackson’s tigers to her Los Angeles sanctuary Shambala Preserve, the year he died. She called for legislation to outlaw keeping big cats as pets, which has now officially passed and been signed into law 13 years later. So the times are changing and improving in many ways for cats. 

Jackson’s Egyptian-themed music video for “Remember The Time,” shows a house cat and lion starring with Eddie Murphy, Iman, and Magic Johnson. The latter, who played a herald in the video, recalled his experience working with Jackson:

 “That video was so funny. Michael Jackson is the most detail-oriented cat, (the) most professional dude that you would ever want to work with,” he said.

The amazing video was one of the most expensive of all time, costing around $3.3 million. However, it was his duet video with Janet Jackson that was the most expensive of all time at $10.7 million.

Michael Jackson, Remember The Time



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