Taylor Swift Proves Her Claims of Cat-Related Knowledge Are Truly ‘Swift’


How many cat breeds can you name? Normally we think Scottish Fold, American Shorthaired, Persian, Maine Coon, all the usuals. But did you know there are more than “just a few”, and Taylor Swift can tell you all about them?

Is That A Challenge?

Taylor Swift

Photo by Wikipedia.

The Encyclopedia Britannica only names fifteen different cat breeds. Actually, there are seventy-three according to the International Cat Association! Wow, that’s a lot of kitty types. Other associations say forty-five, and some say forty-eight but hey, we’ll take seventy-three. But what does Taylor Swift have to do with cat breeds? 

Well, she can name over fifty breeds. Or at least she says she can. Swift appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to promote her album “Midnights”. But her cat-naming skills are as interesting as record-breaking album sales don’t you think? Fallon called her out on this claim she made during her NYU speech when she received her honorary doctorate:

“You’re like I am a doctor but I’m not the doctor you need uh, in case of an emergency do not call me, but, call me if you need me to, uh, name breeds of cats.”

Fallon decides to put her to the test challenging her to name off as many breeds as she can in thirty seconds.

Calypso and Mazikeen (Maz)

“Rescued is my favorite breed” Calypso and Mazikeen (Maz) via Facebook/Cole and Marmalade

“Yeah that was me committing an act of extreme hyperbole…I can name 50 cats in 5 seconds. I was trying to make a joke. I don’t think I can actually do that.”

Around minute ten of the video below, Taylor breaks down all the cat breeds she knows. She lives up to her name too, because watch how swiftly she can name them off! How many kitty types do you think she can name in thirty seconds?

That’s A Lot Of Cat Breeds!

So how many did she name? Swift named twenty-four different cat breeds in thirty seconds. That’s more than some associations claim there are. 

My favorite breed is rescued via Facebook/Cole and Marmalade

My favorite breed is rescued via Facebook/Cole and Marmalade

Near the end, the panic sets in an she starts naming off Calico and black cats rather than actual types, but this type may be our absolute favorite she named:

“A cat that knocks pens off of desks!”

Sounds like the perfect breed of cat. Although, we’re pretty sure that’s all cats. But we’ll give it to her. However, we all know our absolute favorite breed is rescued. 

Taylor Swift everyone! Cat breed namer extraordinaire and multi-platinum and diamond selling artist. There must be something out there she can’t do, but naming off cat breeds is not one of them.

Meme via Cole and Marmalade/Facebook

Featured images via Cole and Marmalade/Facebook.


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