Tennessee Animal Shelter Calls on Paul Rudd to Adopt Look-alike Dog — Nicknamed Pawl Ruff


The 2-year-old, 65-pound, Australian Shepherd mix is currently looking for a home at the Collierville Animal Shelter in Tennessee

Paul Rudd, meet Pawl Ruff!

A Collierville, Tennessee, animal shelter is calling on the actor, 53, to adopt a dog that it believes resembles the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star.

Nicknamed Pawl Ruff, the canine is also known as Waffle House and is a 2-year-old, 65-pound, Australian Shepherd mix, according to the Collierville Animal Shelter.

“While making love connections between pets and people today, we discovered one of our dogs is meant to be with Paul Rudd. We have nicknamed him Pawl Ruff,” the Town of Collierville said in a Twitter statement this month.

“Paul doesn’t have a Twitter handle, but @AntMan does. And honestly, what is more, heroic than adopting a shelter pet?” the group continued in their online plea.

According to the Collierville Animal Shelter, Pawl Ruff is “a gentle, easy-going fella, the kind of guy you want to be your neighbor, best friend, or lifelong companion.”

“Maybe I really am the canine version of Paul!” the organization playfully added.

Pawl Ruff walks well on a leash, is potty-trained, and does great at bath time. He’s also affectionate, kind and loves playing with other dogs, the Collierville Animal Shelter said.

Pawl Ruff was brought into the shelter on Jan. 28, Shelter Manager Brandon Wallace told CommercialAppeal.com.

There, employees and volunteers found that the pup enjoys Milk-Bone and Bully Sticks treats.

“Everyone here thought it was hilarious and rather fitting,” Wallace told the outlet. “Waffle House has shown he can be quite the goofball, but also extremely charming, which does describe many of the characters Paul Rudd’s portrayed.”

Since Pawl Ruff was posted on the organization’s website earlier this month, the shelter has received more than seven adoption applications for him, though it told CommercialAppeal.com that none of the applications were from Rudd himself.

Anyone interested in adopting Pawl Ruff can fill out an application on the Town of Collierville’s website and email it to [email protected]

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