The AKC Breeder Toolkit Makes It Easy to Keep Records!


Record keeping can take up much of a breeder’s time, and the paperwork adds up fast. But the AKC Breeder Toolkit provides an easy way to comply with the requirement that records be kept for five years. These records include names and addresses of each individual to whom ownership of a dog from a litter is transferred, as well as the transfer date and date the registration application was supplied.

This job can be done by completing the paper Litter Record that came in your litter registration packet and mailing it to AKC, but you will find that using the online Breeder Toolkit is a faster and more efficient way to complete and store these records.

Simply log into the Breeder Toolkit. Then click on the “Manage Litters” card, select the litter, then choose “Puppy Info,” where you will be able to add new owner information. And that’s it!

Don’t have a Breeder Toolkit account? Click here to learn more and sign up today. ( more information about record keeping, go to Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline and Regulations for Record Keeping and Identification of Dogs.


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