The Courageous Labrador Retriever Fights Off a Mountain Lion to Keep His Family Safe.


Please don’t scroll without giving her some love…! 🙏

Courageous and brave dog doing her best to keep her family safe. How proud and thankful they all must be to have such a hero in their family.So much love and loyalty 💕🥰 Much love in the recovery. God certainly blessed you with a four-legged angel

Give this dog applause because it’s hard to imagine what would have happened if it hadn’t been there to protect the kids.

Crystal Michaelis says the incident happened on July 19 while her family was having fun in the backyard. Ella, their yellow lab seven years old, was acting strangely. She growled and moved away as if she were looking for something.

Michaelis quickly realized it was a lion, even though she couldn’t see it but knew it was nearby. This made her [c.onfuse.d] and []. Michaelis remembered how Ella kept looking at the lion and then quickly back at him. She was just being careful, but my daughter thought it was very [].

Ella was trying to get more time to defend them when Michaelis quickly took her kids outside. When they got back to the patio door, Ella was [h.urt] on her head, face, legs, tongue, and neck. She was drawn from the shoulders up more than 30 times in total.

Michaelis will never forget the sight she saw when she opened the back door and saw Ella covered in blo.od from head to toe. The whole front door and patio were covered by blo.od. Ella was even willing to give up her own li.fe to protect Michaelis and the kids.

Officers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources found mountain lion tracks that led to the scene, but the family wasn’t there for the fight. Wildlife officials said the mountain lion may have gotten too close to the Michaelis’ house because goats in a neighbor’s yard disturbed it.

Dogs are very loyal animals who are always ready to protect the people they care about, no matter what. Let’s hope that these cute friends will always be loved and cared for.

Dog defends family from mountain lion

You are one fantastically beautiful and brave soul!! Bless you, sweet girl! Praying for your fast, complete, and painless recovery! It looks as if you are going to be left with some mighty big badges of courage! courage!! Wear them proudly, sweet girl!! I so wish I could give you a gentle hug and kiss!♥️ 🥰 🥰

One very brave dog good job she was there to protect the family, she should get all the love and care she needs bless her. ❤ 😍 💖

If you want to see what happened, check out the video below:


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