The Hardest Working Cat Of The Century, Working For 12 Years Without A Day Off



Twelve years ago, Bobo was a feral cat baby. A store employee brought it to his place of work and decided to let it live there. The kitten quickly adapted to work with the thought that it would become a helpful cat. Ten years have passed, a precious milestone for a store employee.


Bobo does everything at the store. He can tidy up the newspapers, meow with customers, he likes to look out the window, and listen to customer information. As well as monitoring all activities of colleagues. In other words, he is like the Camera of the store.


Bobo is like a king in this kingdom because the store has only one cat, and he is very interested in this crown.


Ten years is the time that this cat has been with the store, experiencing many ups and downs, many customers, and many stories… Of course, he can’t remember all the tens of thousands of customers, the people he made friends with, getting to know them and seducing them with cuteness.



Bobo never had to feel lonely, despite being the only cat at the store.



People’s love always surrounds it. And sometimes, store customers bring other cats to play with Bobo.



Bobo likes to bring menus to customers and show customers the way to the table. Of course, he takes great pride in this work and is proud to be a longtime store employee.



After years of hard work, the store’s staff decided to give Bobo a new adventure.

They found for the cat a forever family and where he comes from will be a new horizon, of course, it is only the second family because, in his mind, the store is already the first family in his heart.

It was hard to say goodbye, but Bobo is also pleased with his new home and mother and is enjoying his new life. After more than ten years of hard work with this fantastic kitty, it’s the store’s sweet goodbye.


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