‘Tullamore Dew’ and the Whiskey Kittens are Top Shelf for Connecticut Rescuers


A cute calico/tortie named Tullamore Dew, after the Irish whiskey grew up in Warren, Connecticut at Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue. While the rescue shares the name of a Peruvian wine, Tullamore and her siblings all received names for “little sips of whiskey,” while their gorgeous calico mama was named Whiskey.

The rescuers admired the beautiful “top shelf” kittens born on August 29, 2022.

The menu (men-mew?)

  • Tullamore Dew: dark calico/torti
  • Jameson: orange and white
  • Trace: calico
  • Glenmorangie: mostly orange
  • Macallan: fluffy orange & white
  • Buchanan: slightly darker orange & white

“Cozying on up to the Whiskey Bar after a long week!”

Calico mother cat has cute kittens in foster care, Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue

Images and media via Facebook/Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue

Whiskey Gave Birth Again After Arriving with Kittens

Whiskey may have received her name because her rescuers needed a stiff drink when they discovered she was carrying another litter when she arrived with 3-month-old kittens. The earlier kittens found homes, and then she had six more “shots.”

 “Whisk came to us as a half-baked idea, along with five of her seven 3-month-old kittens that she had before she was a year old. We were told she had not left the room she’d been in since she had been pregnant with them. Well, we all needed a stiff shot of whiskey when we realized that was not exactly true as she was in late-stage pregnancy again. All her other precious kittens were adopted, and she had another large litter of six tiny shots of whiskey,” they shared.

Mama Whiskey calico cat, Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue, Connecticut

Mama Whiskey

Top Shelf Whiskey Kittens

Mama Whiskey was a stunner, and all the babies were gorgeous too. Followers on social media watched the kittens born and then enjoyed “shots of whiskey” as they grew up.

“Among our whiskey, there’s not a bitter taste in the bunch… everyone goes down smooth,” they shared.

calico mother cat with kittens on a rug, Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue

Whiskey was exceptionally easy-going and attentive with her babies, a joy for her fosterers. Online, she and the Whiskey babies were also favorites. A video of their foster dad went viral as he played with all the cute kittens as mama watched. She was so trusting and mellow with her babies and foster family.

Tullamore Dew Has Tortitude

Of all the kittens, Tullamore Dew was a favorite for the foster mom and family. 

“Tullamore Dew is a smooth sip of a gorgeous face!”

Mama cat Whiskey with her kitten Tullamore Dew

Tullamore and Macallan were little “Drama Queens.”

“Do not let this little Drama Queen fool you! Tullamore Dew has been a sass to her siblings all day, but let Macallan try to put her in her place, and she’s all crying for mom! Actually, both these fluffs are drama queens and so utterly adorable.”

Tullamore Dew and friend Macallan playing, Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue

Tullamore Dew and Macallan playing

“Tullamore Dew is just ridiculously adorable.”

calico mother cat Whiskey with kitten Tullamore Dew

“This is why we foster. So precious kittens like Tullamore Dew get a chance of a loving home like this!”

Tullamore Dew the kitten sleeping in the wedge of a sofa

The calico, who looks like a tortie, had tortitude, growing into a sassy young lady.

“Tullamore Dew is a little sass! Oh my gosh! Six weeks old, and this little girl wants to tell me what for. I feel a hangover coming on. I don’t care how much white she has. She’s not even a calico diva; she’s tortitude all the way!”

The Whiskey Bar Closes

Caring for Tullamore and the Whiskey babies went smoothly. But one day the “Whiskey bar closed” and the mama cat was ready to be a house cat. She was really a kitten herself, after all. And when the babies came of age and were spayed and neutered, they all found forever homes. Then, it was wonderful mama Whiskey’s turn, and she too, found her home. 

“Our whiskey bar is closing today…All our whiskey shots are going to their forever homes today. Will so miss this ‘drinking spree.’”

Beautiful calico/tortie kitten, Warren, Connecticut, Sophia L’Orange Kitten Rescue

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