What’s It Like To Photograph Marmalade? Behind-The-Scenes At An Impromptu Cat Photo Shoot


In the Cole and Marmalade ~ Jugg and Zig Zag home, we MUST be prepared for photo opportunities at every turn!

Trying to capture candid shots of the “Furtastic Four” is no easy feat. That is, trying to get any shots in focus or with any cat looking at the camera is an undertaking. And GOOD LUCK trying to get 4 in one shot all looking at you! Even with cameras littering the house so there’s always one in reach, our success rate isn’t the greatest. 

Most shots are just blurry colors of black, ginger and tortie fur. Luckily, with the gorgeous fur our beloved felines are sporting, sometimes these photos aren’t too bad! Zig Zag has quite the gorgeous abstract pattern on her “photo-bombing” chest. 

Photo: Photobombed by Zig Zag

But what do we do with the HOARDS of photos and video footage that we collect?

Sadly, Cat Man Chris has a speedy delete button reaction. So any that aren’t in focus or poor quality, likely don’t make it past his first round cut. 

After some of the sessions however, I get access to the full roll of shots BEFORE they end up on the drawing room floor. Usually, these tend to be lucky shoots where one or more of the cats sat still long enough to get a number of possible photos.

More often than not, treats are a factor in these successful shoots. 

So when I saw this roll of Marmalade shots Chris captured a few weeks ago, I couldn’t let them go without sharing! HAHA!

Regardless of whether these shots were going to be “good enough” for our social media sites, I purrsonally cracked up seeing them! It’s the behind-the-scenes silly times that cat owners know are the most memorable. It’s that bond that you have with your cat, the one where you KNOW their unique facial expurressions. And no one can tell you different. 

Fortunately, in our case, Marmalade’s facial expressions are a thing of great joy, goofiness and just the right amount of “DERP”. <3 

Let us know which one was your favorite!!! Do you have candid photo shoot shots of your furbabies to share? We’d love to see them! 


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