Who’s Playing With The Thermostat? Babbs The Maine Coon Is!


Was messing with the thermostat a big no-no in your house as a kid? Or even now? This kitty doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea. The floof says I shall defy all authority and play with the thermostat all I want! Until she was caught…

“No, it’s cool, I wasn’t using my face.”

Babbs with dad Adam Prejean

Babbs with dad Adam Prejean via Instagram

Thermostat Bandit

Most of the time as kids you were always the one blamed on the thermostat change, right? Parents were strict on never adjusting it.

But one families cat, in normal kitty fashion, is defiant of rules. Babbs the Maine Coon loves putting on funny antics with her dad, Adam. Long before Babbs’ fame on TikTok, Adam had an Instagram account that posted the fluffy feline’s hellion antics. However, when the temperature started going on the fritz in his house, he never thought to blame Babbs. Then, he caught her in the act!

Images and medai via TikTok/babbsthecat

Here we see Babbs, sitting on the edge of the chair and staring at the shiny thermostat. Maybe it’s the glow of the screen that catches her eye, but either way she reaches her paw out and “boop.”

“It’s too hot in here! Dad do you see this fur? I need arctic blasts! Lemme just move this here…”

Thermostat cat, Babbs, lameadam on TIkTok

Playing with the thermostat isn’t the first time she’s defied dad. Babbs is always finding herself in funny situations.

As you can see, she also loves hiding in places she really shouldn’t be. One of her favorite spots is right above the couch. She also likes to move the blinds out of the way to see out the window, giving dad fist bumps, and meowing at the door when he’s in the bathroom without her.

“Oh…hello. Didn’t see you there.”

Babbs hiding in the window.

Photo by @lameadam/Instagram.

“Oh, me? I’m just chilling. Nothing to see here. You don’t need in here do you?”

Babbs lying on the floor.

Photo by @lameadam/Instagram.

As you can see, Babbs rules the house! Catching her hilarious thermostat changing on video, Adam posted it to the socials. People are in stitches over her blatant household fix.

“That’s what happens when you have a cat who lives rent free 😂😍”-yes_its_jesse

“Time to put a little metal cage around it like in elementary school so the teachers couldn’t adjust the thermostat.”-funkychick217

“It wasn’t kicking on fast enough so she lowered it even more 😂”-the.depressed.therapist

Hey Dad, packing all this fluffy fur is a 24/7 sauna. But don’t worry, her viral vids are sure to help her pay for the bill!


Screenshots from @BabbsTheCat/TikTok.


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